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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Berklee Hockey.. Undefeated since 1945!!!!

So last night I went to see Berklee's hockey team's first game. It was actually the first inter-collegiate game (in any sport (!)) that Berklee has ever had in their 61 year history. (hence title of blog entry)

Picture is kind of blurry because of the weird lighting in the arena. They played at the Boston University campus.

The final score was 10-7 and we beat our arch-rivals Emerson College. (I think they're just down the street but I'm not sure) We have a pretty sharp team I think and I'm excited about seeing more games.

I'm not the only one who's excited either, check out the super fans!

Berklee has some serious school spirit for sure!

I thought this was pretty clever. :)

The sweet, sweet prize. The trophy is engraved:
"Boylston Classic Champion
Established 2006
Boston, Massachusetts"
(both our schools are on Boylston Street)

Check out the t-shirts! They actually sold out of them!

The always adorable Liz and Ashley. (I know which is which now!) :D

It's been a really hectic week with the first week of classes. There's a lot of work to do but I'm loving it anyway. I ended up testing out of two classes (Harmony 1 and Intro to Music Technology) so that helps a bit with my schedule. I even got into a voice class (Voice for the Instrumentalist) so I'm really excited about that.

More updates coming soon! :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

BBQ Fever!

Well Berklee definately knows how to throw a party. Yesterday they had a welcome back BBQ for all the students and faculty. They had club signups, live music and all the free food you could eat. (Burgers, a couple different salads, chips, hotdogs, even veggie burgers!)

The cafeteria staff was responsible for the food and there was a lot of it. They also had pepsi, iced tea and bottled water.

Whoever did the decorations did a great job too, check out these sweet balloons.

<--- Food


Of course, since it was Berklee, there was live music. Here's the jazz band that played.

They also had an afro-brazilian drum troupe playing, the guy on the far right is actually one of the RAs for my building! :)


(At the end of the video, I wanted to mouth "wow" into the camera but it didn't turn out and I couldn't figure out how to crop the end out)

I joined a whole bunch of clubs (songwriting, jams club, christian fellowship) but check this out. I joined the contra dancing club!

I'm not really sure what contra dancing is but someone at the BBQ said it was fun and they said if I joined up, I could go to 1 meeting and see if I like it. I'll definately write more about that on the blog when that happens. :)

Here's some random pictures of people from the BBQ!!!

Hey did you know Berklee had a mascot? Me neither but apparently it's a gigantic cat with a red baret on. Someone told me it's supposed to be a jazz cat or something.

These are the heads of student government, I totally don't remember their names but the guy on the left is the prez and the chick on the right is the vice-prez.

This is Brandon stuffing his face at the BBQ. He's doing Voice/Drums. I keep running into him over and over, it's a pretty small campus like that so meeting people is easy.

This is Joe from Canterbury, England. I think he's awesome/hilarious. Here he is doing a boxing pose because I saw he was wearing a Raging Bull t-shirt. I think his sax came in the mail today (finally).

This is Ryan(Guitar), he's kind of shy but that's probably because he's from Albany, Texas. They have a population of about 2000 people and there isn't even an elevator in the entire town! Ryan has never played music with anyone else before so Berklee is bringing people together :) We're going to jam/write together soon.

There is a TON of international students here at Berklee (me included!) In this picture, Jae is the guy in the middle. He's from Korea and is all around pretty awesome, he can play most of the themes from Super Mario on piano. The 3 Asian looking girls are from Japan and the girl in the lower right is from Croatia (forgot their names, sorry!)

Ok, this guy is awesome, his name is George Woods. And not only is his name eerily similar to mine but he's also a wicked good jazz guitarist. Hopefully I can pick up a couple things from him. :D

This is Liz and Ashley (forgot which is which!) They're super nice and I just met them at the BBQ. Liz emailed me and hopefully we'll be able to jam/write together soon. :)

Ok, this is me with John from Switzerland. He lives in my building but I never knew until that day. The guy on the right's name is Kariemba (sp?). He was unsure if he wanted to be in the picture or not.

This is Diana and Mike. They also live in my building, they're on the 5th floor which is above me and Eric.

Here's some cute girls.... and Brandon got in there somehow....

See what I mean about always running into him?

This is a clear picture of Matt, he's on the left.

This last picture was taken in the cafeteria later. It's kind of an action shot. On the left is Errol (Vocals) and the right is Carleton(I forget). Carleton wanted to make sure that I would put his name on the blog so he would be famous and well now you know who he is. And just for good measure.. Carleton, Carleton, Carleton. It was a pretty action packed day yesterday so this weekend will be good to unwind and get some serious practicing done. :) More updates to come later!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm a little bit country...

Hey everyone. Short update today. Just wanted to write that I'm really feeling country today. I went back to the awesome Berklee library and got this sweet book on country flatpicking (see photo). I'm working on playing a song called Whiskey Before Breakfast. It's all fast country style guitar so I think it'll be fun to learn and maybe play at open mic next time I'm in Calgary.

Also, in the country spirit of things, they served some really great comfort food in the cafeteria today. For lunch there was turkey meatloaf and dinner was fried chicken with mashed potatoes and corn. I smothered my chicken with Frank's Red Hot (it's actually on the tables at the cafeteria w00t!) and went back for seconds which really amused Eric since he's from South Carolina. This is definately a really country day so I think I'm going to practice my flatpicking for a bit and go to bed.

Tommorow's a busy day. Branford Marsalis is getting an honourary doctorate from the school and is going to play a free concert tommorow night! I'll let you know how it is. :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Brand New Laptop = Brand New Blog

Hi everyone, I'm writing this blog entry from my brand new and very expensive Berklee Laptop. Here's a picture.

Also, notice that in the profile pic, I'm wearing a tie. I totally said I was going to do it. :P

School is pretty great so far, there's so many great musicians and the facilities are top notch. I went to the library today and was amazed at everything they had. They have an incredible selection of books, cds and dvds. (I watched the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show on DVD, sweet..)

I'm getting settled into my dorm room with my roomie Eric. The room is a double but it shares a common area and bathroom with a single room so we have a half-roommate named Skylar. I'm in a really old building on Hemenway Street and I was kinda taken aback at how it looked at first but it's quickly becoming home.

(Eric is the top picture, Skylar is on the far right on the right picture, I don't know who the other 2 guys are, pretty standard when you're living in residence)

Pretty much everyone is better at guitar than I am . There's something ridiculous like 1200 guitar principals here at Berklee and they rate everyone on a scale from 1-8 on 4 different categories. 8 is the best. My audition was good enough for a solid 2 average so I have plenty of work to do. It sounds bad but that's about the average for the entering student here. If you show up and you're already all 8s, there's nothing more to teach you. It's been fun so far and I'm really relishing the opportunity to practice pretty much all the time.

Classes start on Monday so I'm going to a couple short seminars/tech classes each day so I can't say what the actual classes are like but I have met some cool people. Here's some pics:

This is Latoya. She plays violin and is Eric's fiance. Needless to say, I end up seeing her alot.

This is Izumi. She's literally the girl next door. She's a guitar principal and is from Toronto. (T-dot Liz! Holla!)

This is TJ. He's from South Beach, CA and is also a guitar principal. He's apparently pretty proud of his ID card in this picture.

I've met tons of interesting people. Coming up: pictures of Jae from Korea (very VERY friendly guy, I'll explain later), Josh Cuadra (I think he's from Texas? I forgot. Also with an awesome sounding last name like Cuadra, pronounce it Quad-Rah, why doesn't he get everyone to call him by his last name?), Joe from Canterbury, England (His sax is lost in the mail or something right now) Also the cafeteria is pretty awesome, but I've heard that after a week or so, you get really sick of it. I'll try to post more tommorow.

Oh, there's not many pictures of the Berklee buildings because I don't want to look really touristy by snapping pictures of everything. :)