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Saturday, September 09, 2006

BBQ Fever!

Well Berklee definately knows how to throw a party. Yesterday they had a welcome back BBQ for all the students and faculty. They had club signups, live music and all the free food you could eat. (Burgers, a couple different salads, chips, hotdogs, even veggie burgers!)

The cafeteria staff was responsible for the food and there was a lot of it. They also had pepsi, iced tea and bottled water.

Whoever did the decorations did a great job too, check out these sweet balloons.

<--- Food


Of course, since it was Berklee, there was live music. Here's the jazz band that played.

They also had an afro-brazilian drum troupe playing, the guy on the far right is actually one of the RAs for my building! :)


(At the end of the video, I wanted to mouth "wow" into the camera but it didn't turn out and I couldn't figure out how to crop the end out)

I joined a whole bunch of clubs (songwriting, jams club, christian fellowship) but check this out. I joined the contra dancing club!

I'm not really sure what contra dancing is but someone at the BBQ said it was fun and they said if I joined up, I could go to 1 meeting and see if I like it. I'll definately write more about that on the blog when that happens. :)

Here's some random pictures of people from the BBQ!!!

Hey did you know Berklee had a mascot? Me neither but apparently it's a gigantic cat with a red baret on. Someone told me it's supposed to be a jazz cat or something.

These are the heads of student government, I totally don't remember their names but the guy on the left is the prez and the chick on the right is the vice-prez.

This is Brandon stuffing his face at the BBQ. He's doing Voice/Drums. I keep running into him over and over, it's a pretty small campus like that so meeting people is easy.

This is Joe from Canterbury, England. I think he's awesome/hilarious. Here he is doing a boxing pose because I saw he was wearing a Raging Bull t-shirt. I think his sax came in the mail today (finally).

This is Ryan(Guitar), he's kind of shy but that's probably because he's from Albany, Texas. They have a population of about 2000 people and there isn't even an elevator in the entire town! Ryan has never played music with anyone else before so Berklee is bringing people together :) We're going to jam/write together soon.

There is a TON of international students here at Berklee (me included!) In this picture, Jae is the guy in the middle. He's from Korea and is all around pretty awesome, he can play most of the themes from Super Mario on piano. The 3 Asian looking girls are from Japan and the girl in the lower right is from Croatia (forgot their names, sorry!)

Ok, this guy is awesome, his name is George Woods. And not only is his name eerily similar to mine but he's also a wicked good jazz guitarist. Hopefully I can pick up a couple things from him. :D

This is Liz and Ashley (forgot which is which!) They're super nice and I just met them at the BBQ. Liz emailed me and hopefully we'll be able to jam/write together soon. :)

Ok, this is me with John from Switzerland. He lives in my building but I never knew until that day. The guy on the right's name is Kariemba (sp?). He was unsure if he wanted to be in the picture or not.

This is Diana and Mike. They also live in my building, they're on the 5th floor which is above me and Eric.

Here's some cute girls.... and Brandon got in there somehow....

See what I mean about always running into him?

This is a clear picture of Matt, he's on the left.

This last picture was taken in the cafeteria later. It's kind of an action shot. On the left is Errol (Vocals) and the right is Carleton(I forget). Carleton wanted to make sure that I would put his name on the blog so he would be famous and well now you know who he is. And just for good measure.. Carleton, Carleton, Carleton. It was a pretty action packed day yesterday so this weekend will be good to unwind and get some serious practicing done. :) More updates to come later!


Anonymous Melissa said...

So you're actually gone... I mean, I know i took you to the airport and all that, but I didn't really put it together that now you really have a life somewhere else... Looks like you're meeting some fun, good-looking type musician friends and that makes me happy for when I come out there. Glad you're not the best - it'll keep you modest. since this is the 3rd message I'll send today, I'll leave it at that. Love you, Mel

Saturday, September 09, 2006 11:05:00 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Hey Bud, seems like there is some pretty girls there! Make sure that its 100% woman before you do the deed. If in doubt, always do as Crocodile Dundee does!

Sunday, September 10, 2006 3:16:00 PM  

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