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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back in Beantown! (for awhile now whoops)

Hello funseekers!

Well sorry about the lack of updates but I'll try to catch you up on the last month here.

Ok well, Matt and I are roommates now which is working out really well. It's much easier to organize rehearsals when 2/3rds of the band live together. We have a really nice room on the 4th floor of Massachussetts Ave, which is the main building here at Berklee. We have a really nice view of Mass Ave. (There is a McDonald's across the street which makes the room smell like french fries sometimes though)

Here's a pic of my corner of the room, you can see my new guitar which is really awesome, I've been getting crazy amounts of compliments on it. It's just a really beautiful looking and awesome sounding guitar, it was also only $300. I was telling people that when they commented on the guitar but it just made their eyes dull with disappointment so I'll be pretending it was really expensive from now on. :)

The room's really nice, we're keeping it really clean and smelling nice :) Yeah, even with the occasional french fry aroma cloud coming in through we have a pretty good setup. Kendall, the girl down the hall even said so. We've been able to meet quite a few new people and I've met a couple Canadians which is nice, Stephen is from London, ON and Angela is from Nova Scotia, I'll try to get pics of them for a later blog update.

Oh we also have an addiction to Crunch 'n Munch.

Um yeah....


Ok, so there's been some cool stuff going on in Boston already. Matt and I went to see Gov't Mule live in concert. It was awesome. If you're not familiar with them they're one of the premier jam bands right now so they do a lot of improv and play a lot of guitar. :)

Here's a pic of Matt at the concert that makes him look kinda crazy:

I also got to see one of the best guitar players in the world right now, Robben Ford. He was doing a Q&A and a performance at the Premier Guitar Festival. It was awesome to say the least.
On the right you can make out the legendary virtuoso bass player Stu Hamm (Berklee alum w00t!) who accompanied him. I was really excited because Robben Ford has been one of my favorites to listen to this Summer. (As anyone who rode in my car can attest to.)

Well, more fun and excitement to come (and updates!) We've started rehearsals for the Middle Eights again (sounding better than ever!). Hopefully the recording that I did with the Rudies will be mixed and mastered and there will be some sweet George bass playing for you all to check out.

To keep you guys busy for a bit, I've uploaded some of my class projects to the frostbitefalls myspace site:
[edit: Works now! :D]

Enough is a song that I wrote for my songwriting class last semester, Back Home Again is a song that I wrote for a songwriting contest and Moment of Truth is a 2 verse part of a song that I wrote for my songwriting class this semester, Matt and I just put the finishing touches on it today so it's really fresh.

Keep your eyes on this space, more stuff shortly, I promise! :D

Oh, and here's another pic of Robben Ford and Stu Hamm, just 'cause I wanna.

See you soon everyone!