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Friday, March 14, 2008

Action-Packed, Must-Read Nashville 2008! (Part 1)

Here's a new comic for you patient folks:

As usual, click to enlarge. So anyways, hello funseekers! It's been awhile since the last update but good news, I'm going to do a daily update series during Nashville week again this year! Yay!

Well today was kind of a wash because of the extremely exhausting 22 hour bus ride. We did get a chance to have an interesting breakfast at a Shoney's in Virginia. Mike's sausage he was eating was really really tough and hard to bite through. I hope that's what everyone was thinking.

Anyways, we just checked into the hotel room and saw Whitey Johnson at a neat little Nashville bar called Douglas Corner. It was really cool but the place was packed!! Standing room only! Tomorrow we visit Warner Brother records and have a really exciting but early day ahead of us. I'll catch you all up on it tomorrow!

ps. oh yeah, Lukas really was handing out sleeping pills. He brought them along to help get rest during the long bus ride. Or so he says...


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